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“Give Not Sleep To Thine Eyes,Nor Slumber To Thine Eyelids.Deliver Thyself As A Roe From The Hand Of The Hunter And As A Bird From The Hand Of The Fowler”Prov.6:4,5.Matt.26:31-56.Satanic Night Raiders Have Destroyed So Many Lives.They Make Use Of The Cover Of Darkness As A Cloak For Attacking Their Victims(Ps.74:20;Eph.5:11)Night Raiders Come In The Form Of Marine Powers,Forest Demons,Wandering Spirits,Evil Angels,Wicked Personalities,Occult Power,Spirit Wives And Spirit Husbands.Every Believer Is In The Battlefield.Whether We Like It Or Not The Devil Has Declared War Against Us.We Must Be Armed To Attack The Devil.(Eph.6:13).And Pull Down his Strongholds.We Must Pray In The Midnight(Warfare)PRAYER:1 O Lord,Open My Eyes To See The Secret Things Affecting My Life In Jesus Name.2 Every Hidden Evil Surrounding My Life,I Destroy In Jesus Name.3 I Close Every Entrance To The Wicked Agents In My Life In Jesus Name.4 I Stop The Devil’s Attacks In My Life In Jesus Name.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to MissionsPlace. This is an example post. Feel free to edit or delete it, then start sharing your ministry updates!

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